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Donna dal mare


"the development, promotion and marketing of a cloud-based management system similar to an Online Travel Agency (such as, by way of example, airbnb, o google), therefore composed of a back-end for inserting one's own ads and a front-end for their marketing among the public, which allows the publication and booking of outdoor sports equipment , of activities to be carried out (so-called experience) and of accommodation or non-accommodation facilities (holiday apartments or villas). All through the use of websites, e-commerce and online sales that

put the suppliers of such equipment (for example rental companies), of tourist activities (tour operators or other suppliers) and of accommodation facilities (managers of holiday homes or property managers) in contact with the end users who wish to book this service. Such The platform will also include the development of an Android and IOs application that also allows usability from mobile devices, as well as viewing and monitoring the status of your order in real time or being able to communicate with the supplier (so-called provider)."

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