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The film features music composed by Vidyasagar, with editing and cinematography by N. R. Rangaraj. The film, made on a low budget, is an unofficial remake of the 2007 Telugu film Jai, starring Pawan Kalyan. The film was released in March 2009. Plot Four years ago, Kandhasamy (Vignesh), a cop, was murdered for no reason. The prime suspect is his arch enemy, the dreaded thief Madan (Sampath Raj), who is absconding. A former thief named Thanakkiammai (Poorna) remembers the murder and takes the blame for it. She is sentenced to the juvenile prison. In the present, as Kandhasamy's wife Poonam (Nakul) is expecting their first child, she receives a letter from Thanakkiammai, who is now the inmate of a women's prison. She asks Poonam to rescue her from prison and to bring Kandhasamy's son Gopi (Santhanam) to Madan. Poonam then meets Vandhanaamoorthy (M. S. Bhaskar), Thanakkiammai's lawyer, who turns out to be Kandhasamy's uncle. He gives her the details about Kandhasamy's death. Gopi then changes his identity, takes a photo of Thanakkiammai and sends it to Poonam. Soon, he comes to Poonam and introduces himself as Kandhasamy. In prison, Thanakkiammai laments and remembers her love for Gopi. Poonam asks Thanakkiammai to meet Kandhasamy to know his final intentions. The next day, Gopi is kidnapped by Madan. Thanakkiammai follows Madan. She blackmails him into returning Gopi. She also asks Madan to kill Poonam and Gopi, because she wants to take revenge on Poonam. Poonam continues to support Thanakkiammai and supports her even in jail. Poonam is abused by others, but she always stands with her. Madan then kidnaps Gopi and forces Poonam to release Thanakkiammai from prison. They hide her in a room and escape by car. On their way, they run into Gopi, who was mistaken for his father. He is now living with his



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Kandha Kottai Tamil Full Movie Free Download sigzev

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